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World's Leading & Most Dependable Wedding Gown Preservation Service Since 1973

Who we are

My family’s company, Munro's Dry Cleaning Company, was started in 1928 by my great grandfather Josh Munro after he won the Irish Sweepstakes! The company has evolved into four different entities that are tied into the textile industry.

We have 8 dry cleaning locations in Texas as well as Louisiana and we cater to individuals as well as business accounts.

I am passionate about wedding gown preservation because this allows you to freeze frame your history to pass down to future generations as well as relive wonderful memories! We will take care of your wedding dress as if your gown is our own because we are mindful of the needs of others and realize how much this treasure means to you. In addition, we use a Green Earth ™ cleaning formula to practice sustainability for future generations.

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Josh Munro