Ways to Save on Weddings!

The special day should be the most memorable day in your life!

Here are some tips on keeping your costs low so you still have some gas in the tank post wedding:

  • Venue - City Parks can be free, but a friend who has a mansion can also be free. 
    Destinations can be very expensive and jack up fees.
  • Invitations - Electronic invitations can save thousands of dollars over the traditional approach.
  • Food - Buy your own food and have somebody prepare. BBQ or Grilling your own food drastically reduces the costs of catered food.
  • Alcohol - Don't choose venues that force you to buy the liquor and beer from them!
  • Band - DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Pick an affordable band that you've seen at least a video of performing. This can make or break your wedding!
  • Photography/Videos - When you say wedding, people crank up the price. Make sure that you know exactly how many hours they're working.
  • Flowers - Ask referrals and contact a minimum of five different florists for pricing. Price and quality are paramount!
  • Attire - Find something that fits your price point and gets the job done. Shop around and find the dress of your dreams!